After gaining inspiration from his brick laying apprenticeship in 1968, Guy Williams officially opened his own business — Guy Williams Masonry. He quickly found success when the World’s Fair announced its destination of his hometown, San Antonio. With the big event came an influx of business including the company’s first project, a stonework renovation in downtown’s historically significant Schultze building. This project and the many that followed showcased Williams’ attention to detail — what ultimately became the firm’s calling card.


In 1994, Williams’ son-in-law Anton Shadrock and daughter De’Aun bought the business and changed the name. Under this new ownership, Shadrock & Williams continued its dedication to detail, but also expanded its crews and equipment to keep up with a growing city. With the new millennium came the completion of the company’s two largest projects; The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Latin American Art & The University of Texas Downtown Campus Phase II in San Antonio, Texas. The successful completion of these prestigious projects stands as a demonstration of Anton and De’Aun’s commitment to excellence and growth of the company.


Today Shadrock & Williams celebrates 50 years of family tradition and the company’s portfolio has grown more than ever imagined. Despite that growth, the core values instilled by current and previous ownership are visible in all we do.