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Brick  Mortar since 1968

Masonry is one of the earliest forms of construction in our civilization’s history. Unfortunately, the ancient skills that built some of the world’s most magnificent structures and monuments are now vanishing, but not at Shadrock & Williams. Our skills are taught and practiced across multiple market sectors and material types to this day. Since 1968, we have been building a foundation of trust, accountability and professionalism in our industry. As our business has grown, so has our skillset — with services now including: non-masonry claddings, historical restoration, waterproofing and more. Whether it’s masonry or one of our other services, our commitment to quality and superior craftsmanship has ensured our clients’ success.

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Our Services

With an unmatched reputation of capability and ethics, you can rest assured that we are the best choice for your next project.

  • Masonry

    Masonry is the foundation of our long-term success and strength. Whether it's block, brick or stone - we do it all.

  • Restoration & Renovation

    We are dedicated to preserving our nation's historic structures and have done so on multiple projects.

  • Claddings & Rainscreen

    We have grown with the ever-changing industry. Soft joints or ventilated systems? We have your project covered.

  • Waterproofing

    With our extensive experience in waterproofing, we can accelerate your project's completion.